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広告表示のための匿名ID: ゲーム内で広告を表示するために必要な匿名IDを取得します。
インターネット接続状態: 広告を読み込むためにインターネットへの接続状態を取得します。
メールアドレス: メールでお問い合わせいただく場合、メールアドレスを取得します。


FREIHEITの提供するアプリには、追加コンテンツや特別機能へのアクセスを提供するためにアプリ内課金を導入しているタイトルが含まれます。これには限定アイテムの購入や特別機能のアンロックが含まれます。アプリ内での課金はすべてGoogle Playストアを通じて行われ、支払い処理に関してはGoogle Playのプライバシーポリシーと利用規約が適用されます。返金につきましてもGoogle Playストアの規定に従って行います。





アプリのご利用にあたり 利用規約 の方もご確認ください。

ご不明な点がございましたら、お問い合わせフォーム または TwitterのDM まで


Privacy Policy​

FREIHEIT is committed to appropriately managing and protecting the personal information handled in each of our applications and on our website, in compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information.


- Information Collected and Purpose of Use

Anonymous ID for Ad Display: We collect an anonymous ID necessary for displaying advertisements within the game.
Internet Connection Status: We collect information about your internet connection status to load advertisements.
Email Address: If you contact us via email, we collect your email address.


- About In-App Purchases
Our app offers in-app purchases to provide access to additional content and special features. This includes the purchase of limited items and unlocking of special features. All in-app transactions are conducted through the Go
ogle Play Store, and the privacy policy and terms of service of Google Play apply to these transactions. Refunds are also subject to the regulations of the Google Play Store.

- Regarding the Transfer of In-App Purchases

Please be aware that non-consumable in-app purchase items are linked to your Google Account. Therefore, if you transfer game data to a different Google Account, the restoration of previously purchased information will not be possible.

- Changes to the Privacy Policy
This privacy policy is
subject to change without notice due to changes in laws and regulations or changes in our service content.


- Terms of Use
Please also review the Terms of Use for the use of our application.

- Contact Us
If you have any questions, please contact us through our contact form or via DM on Twitter.

Last Updated: January 14, 2024

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